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Yes it is everywhere – and unfortunately for the material, as evident above it is being used as a token gesture to improve the ‘quality’ of thoroughly cheap developments. You can just imagine the earth-shattering intellectual discussions going on in certain practices – ‘Ah sure tack on a couple a sheets of that green stuff – all the young ones are into it nowadays’.

Coincidentally I had to go out to Crumlin village the other day and so walked from O’Connell Bridge all the way out (:eek: ) via the Coombe. The monster building looks even worse in real life when you see it lining the motorway-like road – it just dominates the area in the most horrible way, its main facade like a cliff face alongside the road.
What is so bizarre though is that the copper development a comparitive distance away from the Georgians are actually lower in height, and their massing significantly more graded, with something of an organic form compared to the shoebox (or chest freezer box more like) across the road.

This element of the facade treatment looks so much worse in real life – truly appalling:

The Ballymun towers are positively elegant compared with this.

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