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Angry Rebel

@A-ha wrote:

I would imagine that some time in the future, the N25 from Cork to Midleton will be reclassified as a Motorway seen as much of it is of that standard anyway. It has been upgraded to three lanes in some parts and an alternative route is available (which is needed if a road wants to attain “M” status). What will the toll be to use the Fermoy Motorway….. it’s €5.20 for lorries, what is it for cars?

The County Council decided about 6 months ago (or thereabouts) that the Ballincollig bypass should have a limit of 120km/h. Obviously nothing has happened since then but it surely means that they will bump it up in the near future.

Not so sure about the Cork-Midleton road, the bit to Carrigtwohill is excellent but from there to Midleton is poor enough. Too many at grade junctions and crap surface.

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