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Goldiefish – Great photo and whilst I realise that opinions on the building’s architectural merit vary, I for one concur that it is not appropriate. I feel that it jars completely with the red brick of the railway station.

Gianlorenzo – You hit the nail on the head. Cobh, despite having one of Ireland’s most interesting architectural and visual landscapes, has a tardy, beat-up look to the place. When one contrasts it with Kinsale and what they have done with relatively little in comparison, it is plain to see Cobh has missed the boat. Although we can blame the planners, the UDC, and other state bodies, I for one feel that the people of Cobh have to bear the blame since they have simply let their town slide into the mess it is today. Litter seems to be a perennial problem, and the place has always had a rough edge. Given that the town has so many natural physical advantages, it is doubly depressing. Youghal suffers from similar problems and in my view, the two towns have given up the ghost folloiwng their glory years when they were fully fledged garrison towns. Incidentally, the Cobh Cruiser Terminal (in front of the railway station/Queenstown Experience…and close to the river boat garda station!) disgorge hundreds of weatlhy passengers whenever a ship docks….who are promptly whisked off to either Kinsale, Blarney, or Killarney! Says it all really.

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