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@samuel j wrote:

Oh dear God…. That a scenario that would take me off the sea forever……

They would probably make the Spit Lighthouse into a Recycling Depot with a payment clerk in situ for taking the anchoring fines – Eur 45 for longer than 1 hour.

Jokes aside, You do seem to have it in for Cobh Town Council…. Is this just post the Cathedral debacle or are there other events that have made you form such a strong view …

This is not a strong view at all. Like non-navigating in the dark, it is a statemnt of fact that the Cobh Urban District Council could not run an urban kennels let alone Urban District. They must be one of the greatest menaces to democracy in western hemisphere and they are answereable to no one. While they operate behind a sham veneer of democracy, the people you elect in Cobh to represent you in local government, are reduced to silence by the undemocratically appointed appraachniks who make all the decisions without the slightest interest in the will of the people. The roten boroughs of the 1830 would not hold candle light to it. Just take a look at the Council Minute Book on their website. While you have that ugly lump of a watertower up there, the counsellors are only allowed to talk about cracked pavings on the footpaths. Put the sham democracy out of its misery and officialize the Gauleiter(in).

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