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The only English captain worth his navigation salt on the Cove of Cork was Sir Francis Drake who managed to get a FLEET up river, without the relative aid of the Cobh watertower, and HIDE it at low tide in the Glanmire backwash.

It is just as well that the navigation of the Cove of Cork is in the trustworthy hands of the Port of Cork. Imagine trying to get anywhere on the river had the navigation been entrusted to Cobh Urban District Council. Given their level of laziness and ineptitude, we could expect to see a cock up like the Battle of Jutland on a daily basis and we would have to listen to sleepy officials telling us that they were familiar with the navigation charts and that they had read them all in the space of a few minutes each despite which, however, they had mastered the channells and knew exactly what should should be done but could explain the daily Jutland!!

You may be able to move altars but you cannot move rivers

The ‘Glanmire backwash’ is on the north side of Cork Harbour. Drakes Pool is on the south side

Your continuing comments against the Cobh UDC resemble Michael O’Leary’s rants against the Government, Dublin Airport Authority, Aer Lingus and anyone else who does not see things his way.

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