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I take your point that if fog or heavy rain then one cannot see landmarks for using transits etc. but in dense fog or zero vis. commercial traffic movements will be halted until such time as the Pilot and Port Operations
are both happy with vis. Does mean vessels remaining at anchor off Spike or outside Roches Point.
Constant checks are made of vis of all areas, approaches, lower harbour, lough mahon …
I guarantee you any professional seafarer will much rather and trust his own eyes for visual checks. Most if not all now have Radar/GPS, pleasure craft too, but in the times of low vis as you describe, you would be surprised how very often towers etc. can still be made out….and when one does, joy that one can confirm/backup electronic nav aids.

But in zero vis. you are right but fortunately harbour pilots etc. agree with you, so ships stay put….

Cobh ….you’re an awful man…. for the yast 5 years we have started exportin a lot of young professionals each morning to Cork City…the odd architect even….. the Importation back each evening does have its drawbacks though…. all these new housing estates…. admittedly though in the county planning juristication.

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