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@samuel j wrote:

Land lubbers…. fully agree with you.
For anyone interested… any landmark is of use to navigation and even with marked buoys on a channel, GPS, Chartplotters, it is still your best visual check using transits on where you are within a channel. Wind, tide all cause drift of any vessels, aiming for something or using a compass heading is not sufficent. you have to cross check for wind/tide drift and any feature, helps this.

Its not just weekend yotties, boaties that do this but Harbour Pilots everyday bringnig vessels in/out.

As I say GPS/chartplotters make it so much easier… but they can fail and nothing like a visual check

Many features are used, the Cathedral of course, the Aghada ESb towers, Water towers in Cobh
and above Crosshaven….

Now if you want to see a real eyesore….just look from Cobh and you see the skyline above pfizers totally buggered with the development going on there… did anyone ever look at the levels at all when giving planning……. well at least Cobh Town Council cannot be blamed for that one..

That is exactly my point…these have to be SEEN to be of any use to navigation. You cannot SEE them in the FOG or indeed in heavy RAIN. So, when not SEEABLE/VISIBLE they canot be VITAL to navigation …and since that is a fairly substantial part of the year as far as Cobh is concerned, one could well wonder if they are really of any use at all. As af as I can make out, that should be the same, roughly speaking, for both land lubber and sea hound alike. After all, if the fog in Cobh did not oblige Queen Victoria by staying away for the few hours she ever spent there when she landed (and Cork was raging in typhus at the same time so much so that she had to open UCC from a safe distance), what hope have we to expect that itwill look more kindlier on us. As far as I can see, the light house is a much more practical item for navigation in the fog or in the dark of winter. Vivat regina!

I am surprised that the mess you describe above pfizers is not the fault of Cobh Urban District Council….their accitie must now be a principal export from the town !

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