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@Chuck E R Law wrote:

Powerful stuff, Mr. Prax! Dere a right crowd of Vainquers in de Council! Imagine tinking that it was dere job to provide water for de people. What will dey tink of next! Shoor de place is destroyed entirely. But at least we have kept our faith! Shoor you’ll have a point. Wattle ye have. A pint of spleen? Givus two pints of spleen.

Imagine anybody naive enough at this stage to buy the sham populist democracy bit that Cobh Urban Council would have the altruism to think PUBLIC or the ability to act in the interest of the PEOPLE when the same body gave us a world class example of crypto-marxist distain for the will of Das Volk by not even bothering to look at let alone read 95 of 214 objections to the proposed wrecking of the interior of Cobh Cathedral. Are we dealing with someone from the party here? Certainly, the attitudes are veresimilitudenous!

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