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That bit of Cobh always looks nice. I do think that the Marina plans (if they ever go ahead) will add to it even more.

Yeah those new apartments are a joke. They replaced the old run down cinema that had been closed for 20 years, if I recall correctly.

I would beg them though to stop the atrotious development of estates in the back of Cobh. Rushbrooke has been DESTROYED, and the area around Ticknock is being ruined. Crappy, crappy planning.

And if memory serves me correctly, they’ve got 93 acres rezoned for more houses.

They’re also planning MASSIVE development of new estates around Ballymore in the next few years – hundreds of houses. The entire community was up in arms about it, Cllr John Mulvihill was at the meeting and was a hopeless sack of shit. And rude too. He more or less told people he was washing his hands of the whole affair and that the houses would be built, like it or not.

So, people, if you want to see Cobh, see it now, because its started to go downhill, and it aint gonna stop.

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