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@Praxiteles wrote:

So, this O’Connor chap is the assistant principal architect with the Board of Works….

The Heritage award was given to a television box in Cobh on the recommendation of the O’C chap….

The Television Box in Cobh was designed by the Board of Works….

If this is what is called HERITAGE then I would call on all self respecting architects and builders to return their Opus Awards!

(But, are we sure we are not talking abut the refurbishing of a previous location or something?)

Opus Awards;
“Heritage Award”
“Highly-Commended: Cobh Social Welfare Office, Cobh, Co Cork.
Office of Public Works / Cumman Construction.”

The TV box has a sign declaring itself the Social Welfare Office so i am assuming that this pile of vile got the award?:confused:

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