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It has indeed, this site and many sites in that area, including the future Port of Cork. I’ve no problem with this industrial zoned area, we badly need industry ……

No my point is the actual height of this structure, which from many angles exceeds the skyline. Perhaps I am wrong does not skyline interference not come into most areas applications.

Yes we need industry and of course this and many more sites will be developed but why go skywards on an already elevated site when surrounding land is not exactly tight….

You try put a windfarm on such a site or TV/Aerials and you would be told 101 skylines yarns and negative thpughts

I just don’t understand why industrial sites seem to be exempt from such height rules or considerations when you/I could not build anything that interferes with the skyline.

Maybe there is no need for such rules but why do they only apply to some of us and not all…

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