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From this morning’s quondam ork Examiner:

10 February 2007

From prison fortress to island of dreams

NOW that Justice Minister Michael McDowell has turned his sights to Kilworth army camp for his new prison, Spike Island is ripe for some use of more benefit to Cork Harbour tourism and the people of the area.

Perhaps Mr McDowell could get together with his colleague Micheál Martin and consider an integrated development for Haulbowline and Spike to include Mr Martin’s ambitious plans for residential, commercial and tourism development on Haulbowline and the heritage park that is Spike Island.

Inhabited since at least the 7th century, site of an early Christian church and home to a well-preserved 18th century star-shaped fort, Spike is a beautiful, relatively unspoilt island ideal as a centre for presenting the heritage of the harbour area to residents and visitors alike. With so much heritage already in place there, we just need to open the doors and invite people in.

No major strain on the taxpayers’ purse would be required.

Norcott Roberts

Sydenham Cottage


Co Cork.

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