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KB2 – I camped at Kilworth aons ago, and I agree…the place displays similar traits to the North Pole.
Samuel J – Great photos. Always amazes me that the various fortifications left over from the days Cork harbour was a staging post for the Brits have been left to rot. Fort Carlisle and Fort Camden offer incredible vistas and given that they stand at the highest point at the mouth of the harbour (and directly opposite each other), they should really be utilised more fully. For various reasons, access is denied (as anyone who walks out by Roches Point will know). Spike, Carlisle, and Camden (not sure of the Irish names) should be given the Charlesfort (Kinsale) treatment at the very least.
Snap below is of one of the them. Samuel J…maybe you can fill me in.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
You can just about make out the two forts here….this is a view from the Crosshaven side
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