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This is great for the harbour, but wont it cause huge traffic problems on the near Ringaskiddy with a huge development on the island? A tram would be great but if it were to go the the city centre it would be of gigantic cost. Twould be great for Ringaskiddy, carragaline, Monkstown, Mahon, Blackrock, all those places but it would be really expensive.

I think someone asked who owned the steel plant and who was responsible for the cleanup. As far as I know a British-Indian steel tycoon called Lakshmi Mittal (now third richest man in the world)bought the plaec in 1999 or so for a pound. The low cost was to encourage someone to take over the plant and turn it from a loss making company to a profitable one and save the jobs. However Mittal bled the place dry, laid off the the workers (without redundancy payment I think) and just left the place to rot. There was toxic dust lying around the place that had to be cleared up so the government asked Mittal to clear it up. Being one of the richest men in the world, he failed to cough up the money to clear up the site which he owned. Despite court cases and such it seems that the government will have to pay the 30 million euro (a conservative estimate) to clean up the site. Despite this Mittal paid over 10O million dollars for a house in Kensington (most expensive house boughtin history), and paid 30 million pounds sterling for his daughters wedding(Most expensive wedding in history). A right tyrant it seems.

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