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@THE_Chris wrote:

There is a local community water scheme in Ballymore/Walterstown. Its provided from a 150-200ft deep well on reasonably high ground.

Most people do have wells, my folks live in the general area and have a 120ft deep one. Nicest water Ive ever tasted, I will say that., much better than the shite I get here up in Galway. It was tested a few years ago, and passed all tests, except for a slightly high Nitrate (or Nitrite, cant remember) concentration. That said, they’re on the edge of development and are effectively ‘first in line’ for the water flow.

All houses have septic tanks, yes they are getting much more strict with them, but Id say most houses would fail a test if there is one.

IMO Ballymore should be left as it is (no more ribbon development and no estates thx). Much better infrastructure is needed (transport, water, etc etc etc) before anything should go ahead. And maybe a shop. Concentrate tasteful development on Cobh, and leave Ballymore etc a greenfield site as it is. Maybe a bit of a streetscape, but keep it to Ballymore, and not sprawl it out to Walterstown.

Edit: And does anyone else think it crazy that Cobh, as an island, is under two seperate governing bodies? The town, up to Cuskinny, is under Cobh, the rest of the island under Midleton??? So the country area gets shafted cos Midleton dont give a rats about it.

Its mad Chris, I in Rushbrooke area and just across from me I’m looking at a development in Cork CCs area, about 500m away, then if I turn 90 degrees I’m looking another one going up about 200m away in Cobh TCs area. A simple task like checking on whats going on around you mean going to 2 different agencies depending on where the balls hops….

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