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The_Chris : Tee Pier – used by local fishermen and station for Cork Harbour Pilot launches. Their Port Ops building directly above it and you are right. Marina between it and upriver. I saw in one section of objection, this bit of strand was used for whale watching…I kid you not.
A few years a go 3 killer whales did enter Cork harbour. One subsequently died of natural causes and it sis believed the other two stayed with her until the end…..very civilised stuff.
They left and have not been seen since…. but to call this a beach for whale watching is a joke. Also claimed it would be a danger to navigation, again untrue, no one in the port of cork ever said it could be a danger. Beach was cleaned a bit by objector group when it suited them…wonder how long this will continue before it reverts to its more usual gathering spot for flotsam and jetsam …of all descriptions

Theres plenty more fun stuff but at this stage its gone beyond a joke and is Cobha last last chance…

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