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Permit me to join your merry little band and comment on a few of the matters you have been discussing. On the issue of Ballymore and the attempted rezoning under the Midleton Electoral Area Local Area Plan, proposal was to re designate the road from Ballymore to Walterstown School as a ‘village nucleus’. This area is probably one of the worst examples of ribbon developement you will find anywhere. A couple of kilometers of bungalows all with septic tanks. (The residents seem to see no relationship between their contaminated water supply and the proliferation of unmaintained septic tanks). Furthermore the majority are constructed on the ridge. Crazy idea driven by non farming farmers and a local auctioneer.
I submitted to the plan that a village nucleus already exists in Ballmore itself and that planning granted for the village should in future augment the generation of a village style settlement by generating a streetscape and in the process perhaps facilitate some affordable housing.(bet that went down well with some) .They had already granted permission for a bungalow at the “T” junction of the village, so that scuppers that idea I suppose

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