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Jungle, Samuel J – Here are a couple of aerial photos I took back in August which gives you some idea of the urban sprawl in the Cobh area.

The little village in the top left of this pic, in the distance, is Ballymore. Thats the place I mentioned that there would be a couple of hundred houses popping up in the next few years.

Criminal 🙁 Theres no sewage treatment there (at all), only a local community water system, which ISNT hooked up to the Cobh water towers and precious little roads, no buses or anything.

And the muppets grant rezoning permission. :rolleyes:

And the little T shaped piece jutting out into the harbour, just below the bay (Cuskinny bay) is where the proposed Marina is to go, I think. Can anyone tell me why theres so much objection to it? As it stands, its a pit.

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