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I have just googled Ann Summers and decided that I do not want to know her under any circumstances. Clearly, Burke must be one of “the rampant rabbit thrusters” she is currently touting. I am surprised that the Irish feminist movement seems to have lost its zeal for campaigining against the exploitation of women. Their Eurpopean counterparts, especially their Italian counterparts, solved the problem smut shops blighting the urban landscape by pretty agressive, and successful, campaigns. Perhaps what is left of the Irish Feminist movement could be convinced that its best interests would not be represented in Europe by Burke and they might launch a counter candidate. After all, inner urban sleaze is bad enough without the smut.

😮 Poor old Colm Burke (F.G. Lord Mayor of Cork City) proberly could not see beond his fogged up glasses with all that flesh in view?
I agree that having this dude representing us women in Europe would be a disaster.

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