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well the Examiner has obviously seen it, if I were a local councillor I wouldnt be thrilled with that in the first place

Much seems to be stating the already stated, Seveso sites need to be moved, possibilituy of landmark towers, what worries me is Damien Wallace coming out with how they now need to have a business implementation plan. How long will that take? why hasnt it been done all the way along? The CCC must have a fair idea of what they want to build there, the only variable is what developers want to build there.

Hopefully the plan states how they actually plan to move the Seveso sites, what resources it will take, how long, what cost and then they go and do it.

I’m not sure about keeping Fords, maybe something about industrial heritage but a waterfront site with the possibility of putting a cafe/restaurant/amenity development there? would be a waste leaving those warehouses there in my opinion. Custom house quays and bonded warehouses certainly should be kept.

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