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samuel j

@Spinal Tap wrote:

Well the can only go as far as the Custom House anyway.

True, you probably notice (not many mind) occasional courtesy visits by foreign navies, odd small cruise liner and Tall Ships of various nationalities, be they training ships or partial cruises, usually berth on Custom house quays or as close to the city as possible. Many of these types of craft are open to the public for visits/tours so it is really a decision as to whether Cork in general wants to keep this facilty or whether the limited amout of tourism related tonnage if I can call it that, warrants the expense and maintenance of a swing or lift bridge arrangement.

What you won’t see is the Rig supply vessel or bulk cargo vessels are we do now and the associated trucks loading/discharging once all moves to Ringsakiddy.

Many ports around the world have kept the option though of being able to bring lets say scenic vessels
close to town but as I say its at a cost and ongoing maintenance.

The state of the Bridges you mention would give one concern as to how we might see any new swing/lift bridge in 50 years…..

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