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Spinal Tap

@samuel j wrote:

Once Port of Cork, move essentially all commercial traffic will move to Ringaskiddy, vessels loading/discharging will not need to go upriver so far.

However one still may get smaller Cruise vessels, courtesy visits by Naval vessels, training ships etc. so
would think that there will always be some need to gain access to these section of quay where one has
deep/usuable berths.

Take the Toll Bridge in Dublin, the bulk of traffic is down river on Alexandra Road etc. but you still do see a small amount of traffic going upriver, be they masted pleasure craft or anything with the airdraught that neccessiates a bridge lift.

In longterm for the city, albeit for more Tourism related traffic it would be unwise to have the Cork upriver quays un-navigable.

Well the can only go as far as the Custom House anyway.

Any plans to replace the Bruian Boru & Clontarf WW2 temporary bridges with their rotting superstructure.

They are looking really bad these days.

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