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@rofbp wrote:

that first picture was the one i mentioned from inside the paper, which held more interest.
i have 2 queries:
what is the large pylon/structure on top of the large building on the right? it looks quite blocky on the top, almost like a floodlighting pylon!
second, what is the structure on the far left foreground? it looks like a bridge at water street?

i’d like to see a render from this type of angle:

Could simply be a design feature. The Elysian has what looks like a flagpole on top also.
The other thing to notice the next time you’re in the area is all the mobile phone masts on the R&H Hall silos. When these are demolished there will be a need for the masts to be located elsewhere. I’d say many of the new tall buildings in the area will see masts on them.

Yea that image seems to be the Water Street bridge which they want to build after the Eastern Gateway Bridge.

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