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anyone have any info on developments that have some chance of getting of the the ground in the next 12-18 months in this area such as ocp andersons quay site and albert quay or the two sites across from city quarter?anyone know either what ever happened to treasury holdings plans for a site on patricks quay(next to penrose wharf) or plans for water st next to kent station, that was a bad refusal at the time that could of been a kick start for the docklands. any one hear did anyone bat an eyelid in dublin recently when there was calls for kent station to be finally redeveloped? this really is the project to get the docklands off the ground and im surprised ocp have not been involved in trying to develope the site as he does genuinely seem to have an affection for developing in his home city and the site has massive potential if turned around to face the river to incorperate a station square (as seen in previous plans) and could be the iceing on the cake for him personally when he retires!

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