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Mike Purdy

Got this notice via eTenders on Friday, (Re: Pre-Qual for Public Realm Design):

“Cork Docklands is a propopsed high density mixed use urban regeneration project consisting of approximately 162 Ha and will ultimately provide for a population of 22,000 and 27,000 jobs which will be the key development project for the future of Cork City and its environs which has a current population of approx. 250,000. The project is for an international quality design of a masterplan and detailed design of 2.5 km of quayside amenity, streetcapes, multiple pocket parks and plazas, and which will meet with the objectives of the approved Local Area Plans and Public Realm Strategies.”

“NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the eTenders Web Site at”

Nothing in 2009 budget – but at least they’re thinking bout it!!

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