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@MrX wrote:

I know several TDs and I can assure you it’s not a cake walk of a job. Yes, the money isn’t bad but you are literally on the phone pretty much every waking hour answering constituency queries and have to be nice to every single caller, regardless of how big/small or sensible their query actually is. The work load is mind-blowing.

I’m in the same position in my job, so are many people in sales and other such service industries.

You can cock up as a doctor, an architect, a sales person in Tesco and get fired but as an elected representative you do not have any tenure. You face the electorate every 5 years and there are absolutely no guarantees of keeping your seat.

I recognise the fickle nature of politics, but wouldn’t it be great to only worry about getting the sack 1 day out of 1825!?! In every other job you can get the chop on any given day!

It would actually be highly beneficial for companies and sectors to get some of ‘their people’ into the political sphere too as it means that their views are represented.

So, we move to a Yank like system where there are more vested interests than voices of the people!? Right. :rolleyes:

Listen, I agree with your basic point that more talented people, or to avoid offending serving politicians, people with different skills/talents, should be encouraged into the political sphere. I just don’t think some sort of guarantee which ends up costing business is the answer.

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