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Saucy Jack

@malec wrote:

OK this will sound very childish but I have to say it.
I couldn’t give a flying **** about any of this political bullshit. I just want to see a whole load of cranes in the docklands and this HH project built asap with as little meddling as possible. Why the hell are they lobbing 2 storeys off anyway? As if that’s going to make a difference when the tallest has 28 floors or something.

Exactly ! Build it and best of luck to Howard Holdings for having the balls to go for it.
Hopwards are ahead of the possie on this one and can see the potential of the Docklands whilst City Hall will still be only talking about it in 10 years time.

Cork needs to wake up if it wants to compete with Dublin – Belfast corridor.
About time that Cork decided to actually go fot it as you can always find negative begrudgers around every corner.

Is Kite the bitterest poster on here ?

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