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@nimbus 2008 wrote:

Much lobbying for taxbreaks here which they say are critical to the scheme going ahead.

Can’t see why our tax money should be given to these guys. If the project cannot make it in the market on its merits why should we be giving HH/Alleyquay handouts?

Sure why wouldn’t the taxpayer throw HH a few million towards their docklands development, after all the City Manager proposed to sell historic Albert Quay House (next door to City Hall) to HH for the price of a modest 1 bed apartment i.e. 250,000 euro.
Thankfully Councillors Tim Brosnan, Chris O’Leary, David McCarthy and Jonathan O’Brien were wide awake and put a stop to what would have been yet another fiscal disaster for Cork. HH had to be satisfied with “buying” the site to the rear of said house for a bargain basement price.

A little further up the quays and the gateway to the Docklands, we sold Navigation House to OCP at a 4,000,000 discount so that our city officials would have the benefit of car parking. (I bet the car parking element of this deal will materialize, unlike the convention centre in Mahon the city residents were promised when we sold that landbank at a discount in 1998)

Again with Joe Gavin, it is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”

:rolleyes:Anyway, I am delighted we can help the major developers of the city; those helicopters don’t run on fresh air you know!!

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