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Spinal Tap

@jungle wrote:

The EU gave approval for tax breaks in 2006. To say they have to get EU approval is a bare-faced lie, not an indication of laziness because it wasn’t done earlier. In the meantime, it put me in mind of this Examiner article from three weeks ago

Nobody should despair though, tax breaks will be approved shortly before the next election when they’ll still have six months to run :rolleyes:

Plenty of excuses not to do things and with the construction industry in decline,revenue from building to the exchequer in freefall here is anopportunity to stimulate the sector in Cork over the next 15 years.
As the Government has made such a protracted mess of Cork Airport,Cork School of Music,Kent Station,Re-opening railway lines and teh National Development Plan,decentralisation etc Why is anyone surprised ?

Perhaps its better that private developers go ahead without any Govt.input ?

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