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thats very very poor from the government – they have known about the Docklands for I dont know how long, its ridiculous to say they are going to start talks now and that just because its a big project means the govt have time to sort it out. If they had started the talks years ago then the project would be underway, absolutely disgraceful from Dublin as usual

Ties in completely with lack of funding coming from NRA for cork. Again.

I wouldn’t disagree with what you say but this is not all the fault of Government.
Eight years ago saw the start of the docklands adventure. Cork City Councillors jealously guarded their junket cow and told Dublin to keep their noses out of Corks business on many occasions.
Cork City Council turned a blind eye to the Listed Heritage building on Custom House Quay, an area that needed to be transformed to provide a gateway to the docklands; instead people visiting the area are met with the near derelict sight of the Bonded Warehouses falling into the Lee (what a selling point for investors and stakeholders?).
For ex Cllr’s. Burke and Clune to be crying crocodile tears now is a joke as is Cllr. Dara Murphys demand for Councillors to be added to the Docklands Forum so that everything in their fantasy world can be “happy happy” again.
Fair dues to the stakeholders, they took a chance, they put their money on the table, unfortunately they backed a lame duck City Council instead of a race horse!

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