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Following the first meeting of the Docklands Forum, Cllr. Dara Murphy (FG) threw his toys out of his playpen and demanded that 3 Councillors be appointed to the new forum panel.
Hopefully this demand will not find faviour with the city manager or the Chairman, Prof. Wrixon.
These “junket junkies” have had their chance and blew it over the past 8 years. It is now time to leave it to the professionals before the will to develop, or the cash runs out.

hear hear. Why this forum, if its so important, wasnt established 5 years ago is amazing. Its a talking shop politically designed to make it look as if something is happening. The councillors knew it was happening, the TD’s knew it so there should be no more councillors appointed. THey already have a motion anyway to form a group within their own city council to liaise with the councillor on the forum

If the governement were so concerned with it, where is the announcement on tax incentives?.

Drive on private enterprise, only way to get something done

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