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Re: Designation of Cork’s Docklands for Targeted Development Incentive

The City Council has made a submission to Government seeking the designation of Cork’s Docklands for Targeted Development Incentives. The submission was developed on foot of recommendations in the Cork Docklands Economic Study and the inclusion of the Docklands in the E.U. Regional Aid Map. There was wide consultation with relevant stakeholders during the preparation of the submission.

The incentives sought relate to:
1. Overcoming Barriers to Development
(a) Relocation of SEVESO Activities
(b) Remediation of Contaminated Land.

2. Relocation of Non-Conforming Users.

3. Residential Owner-Occupiers

4.Provision of certain Public Infrastructure by the Private Sector.

5.Provision of Premises for Targeted Sectors

(a) Bio Pharma/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Life Sciences Activities – Headquarters/Regional Headquarters, Back Office, R&D, Advanced Manufacturing.

(b) Information Communications Technology. Activities – Headquarters/Regional Headquarters, Back Office, R&D, Advanced Manufacturing.

(c) Financial Services and Internationally Traded / Mobile Services. Activities – Headquarters/Regional Headquarters, Back Office.

(d) Third and Fourth Level Education associated R&D and Ancillary Facilities.

The time is now right to seek these targeted supports. The City Council has prepared Local Area Plans, a Docklands Development Strategy and a Docklands Economic Study. Private landowners and developers are actively preparing development proposals. They have assembled sites and prepared framework plans.
Two of the major landowners intend to lodge planning applications for large scale developments comprising some 150,000 sq. metres of development before the end of the year.

It is important that provision is made in the forthcoming Budget and Finance Act for whatever supports the Government decide to provide as uncertainty could cause some developments to be delayed.
The City Council will also focus strongly on the Docklands in preparing the bid under the Gateway Fund.

It is understood that the Docklands National Steering Forum announced by the Taoiseach earlier this year will be established shortly. Input and support will be required from many state departments and agencies in the regeneration of the Docklands – Investment will be required, for example, from the Department of Education & Science, Transport, Marine, Arts Sport & Tourism, Enterprise Trade and Employment and Environment Heritage & Local Government in dealing with the provision of schools, public transport, art and tourism infrastructure, job creation, housing, sanitary services and community facilities. The national co-ordination which will be provided by the Docklands National Forum is of fundamental importance.

20th September, 2007.

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