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Certainly the city manager has managed to get movement in Cork alright but its not all down to him – there is an element to the property boom/developers having the cash to buy massive sites and do them up – I dont think there was anything special in getting a library built in to the plans on grand parade, the developer already owned the site and are more than happy i would think to put it in which makes them look very good for any future applications

certainly the docklands has been sitting idle for years – i dont agree its because its privately owned, eg when you see the council must have known about the Seveso sites for how long? Nothing much can happen until they are moved as per the Health & Safety Authorities constant objections in the area –

its the private developers who have the money to develop it so i wouldnt be giving too much credit to the city – as shown by a closed doors decision to give 8.25 million of our taxes and permission for an event centre to a major developer whereas another developer offers to build a multi discipline stadium and gets no look in – thats pretty poor

the docklands master plan was done in conjunction with the developers so at least the city&developers are moving on it now – from the quick look i had at the docklands plans it looks really good to be fair – the shining jewel should have been a multi dicsipline sprts stadium&concert venue

meanwhile we have to wait on idiotic CIE/Manor Park to go through the appeals process on their grossly out of place plans for Horgans Quay – which is another long wait for a half decent railway station thats holding up the north docklands

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