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Just one final quick matter, and it’s by way of illustrating the consequences of not having ‘experience’ dictate the brief and manage the submissions (and not a dig at the HH proposal)

Those that have today’s (Wed.) Examiner – have a look at the site plan for the HH proposal. Many concerts and shows can have in excess of 12 artic trucks requiring back-stage parking. Where do they go on this sitemap? Furthermore imagine a large exhibition being held there tomorrow. You could have in excess of 100 stands at this show and each one has a crew in at least one van looking to park alongside the centre so that they can ‘load-in’ and ‘build’ their stands. How easy would it be in that site? (again, I’m just asking the questions so don’t flame me for it 😮 )

On a very final, related, matter – the chosen operator for the HH centre is ‘Live Nation’ (formerly Clear Channel). I personally have a few problems with this – namely:
1. Live Nation are primarily a concert promoter/concert venue company – they don’t have strengths in Conference and Exhibition activity. While the concerts grab the headlines, it’s the conferences and exhibitions that make the ‘bread and butter’ which keeps such a centre viable
2. Live Nation tend to prefer to move concert activity outdoors during the Summer to maximise returns – this could leave Cork with a pretty poor range of activity from May to Sept each year
3. Live Nation are heavily involved with the redevelopment of the Point in Dublin. Some could argue that by holding the only other major venue in the country they’ve created something of a monopoly, or a ‘blocking’ move.

Again, just my thoughts. To any one who still thinks it’s envy, sour grapes or anything similar can I offer that if I really felt this way I’d be running to the papers, not archiseek. I’m putting the points here because I feel I’m talking to people who have a genuine interest in development matters in Cork. I’m not going to change anything about the result, but I might be able to provide some others with a better insight into things.

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