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Spinal Tap

@who_me wrote:

Yes, but in the US the other consortia don’t have to compete with private ventures with significant public funding. The US tends to have better facilities because they have an open and level playing field. It’s easier to raise the venture capital because it’s simply easier to build a venue and profit from it. I think it’s safe to say you won’t see another venue open in Cork now, now that this one has such a leg-up.

Still nothing stopping a private developer submitting an alternatve application next week is they think that their plans are sustainable

1 decent sustainable venue /conference centre will suit a city the size of Cork for the foreseeable future

I don’t care about the media per se, but they are the only way the majority of the public would ever hear about these developments prior to building]A clear and open planning process is a matter of public record where any nember of the public can make an observation[/B]

This wasn’t the only choice before the council, not does it seem to have been the cheapest (from the public’s point of view) – so why was it chosen? I think that’s a simple question to which we’re entitled an answer – given we’re all contributing to it without any say in the matter.

Its 8 million to whoever builds it

It will be part of the massive docklands project,new modern public transport and architecture rather than putting it out the Black Ash wasteland car and public transport dependant.
You could walk there in 15 – 20 minutes and even srroll down there 10 minutes from Blackrock etc.
It has only cleared the first hurdle and this location is very convenient to the city centre without disrupting existing established communities or the Mary Leland landed gentry “it was once all sheep grazing around here and a clear uninterrupted view of St.Finbarrs”

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