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Agreed Pug – if we’d been part of what we felt was an open and transparent procedure we wouldn’t have any problem with the result.

WRT Pairc Ui Chaoimh we mentioned in our submission that, at the very least, a discussion should be undretaken in relation to some mechanic bringing it inside an organisation overseeing ‘activity’ at that end of the docklands. We would have liked to engage the GAA in discussions about us designing/funding/building a 40,000+ all-seater as part of our overall development. Now however it looks like the city is going to give the GAA some of the showgrounds site (= public money since City is going to have to pay a LOT of money to Munster Agricultural Society as a result of the CPO) for nothing! If it’s municipal money then there’s an argument for a municipal stadium (ie – ALL sporting codes). Mind you this is still Cork, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. 😉

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