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Spinal Tap wrote:
However, they were unhappy with the amount of information they were given beforehand and they cleared City Hall&#8217]

I’d certainly believe that this was NOTa choice of the 4 best proposals for the city with the best one being selected – i’d be interested to know the make up of the committee that chose it and why the public and the media were cleared from the gallery for a decision which involves spending 8 million of the public money

Maybe the other proposals werent as good but how do we know that? And why cant pairc ui chaoimh be fully redeveloped into a sports and event centre? Former councillor and now TD Ciaran Lynchs proposal for a feasibility study to do same is with teh councillors sports and recreation committee, where is that motion at?

i’m delighted at the docklands kicking off and some form of event centre for regular excellent concerts but its the way its chosen is a bit irritating

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