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@spoil_sport wrote:

I’m afraid I can’t take anyone seriously who defends this project. It is genuninely offencive to suggent that this…. thing as any architectural merit.

The NCC may not appeal to you, I’m not too crazy about it myself, but to suggest that it has no architectural merit is not a tenable position, IMO.

As far as I can tell, the NCC is an exercise in civic monumentalism that attempts to connect with a very serious, two thousand year old, tradition. The juxtaposition of the square and the drum is a recurring theme in monumental architecture from the Pantheon through Palladio, the Renaissance, our own Four Courts, and into the 20th century with Gunnar Asplund’s Stockholm Library.

If that attempt to connect with this tradition, and add a contemporary monument to the list, were to work, the NCC would be a very significant building indeed. If it doesn’t come off, in my opinion, it was still worth trying.

Whatever else you can say about it, the NCC appears to be an original work (as far as I Know), which straight away, sets it apart from the generic derivitive stuff that predominates everywhere else in the city.

Like a lot of people, I have my doubts about the tilted drum, for a start and assuming that there is a compelling reason that it had to be tilted, I think it’s tilted a few degrees too far. I also think the glass drum’s connection with a curved entrance lobby is going to weaken the clarity of the two shapes. Another thing that I don’t know is, how they’re proposing to stop the glare of the sun beating in, assuming the rain clouds ever part, and lastly, I don’t like the add-on bits on the roof that seem to change shape with every new render. These and the fact that building always looks like the profile of a hunkered down gorilla to me are my only real concerns.

On balance, notwithstanding the reservations noted above, I think I would be prepared to place a small wager, (possibly another bar of virtual chocolate), that this one may stand the test of time, though how I’m goin’ to live long enough to collect my winnings, I haven’t worked out.

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