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The target market will be very different in citywest. He really will not be a competitive threat to whichever one is built in the docklands. At least he doesnt have kevin Roche turning a sugar bowl on it’s side.

The cylendrical form of Roches design must be understood in the context of the ‘Dublin Gasometer’ that stood almost directly opposite the Spencer Dock site. It was taken down and the ground around it de-contaminated, in that regard it is a bold statement of the old merging into the new. Of all the proposals I have seen it is the only one with any originality. It certainly has to be a million times better than a second generation industrial building with a mock georgian facade.

It will in my opinion entirely undermine the viability of any subsequent conference centre as Mansfield will attempt to undercut any other market entrant as he will have the inferior product there would be no other market play.

The presence of another conference centre albiet warehouse specification will create enough market risk to drive most if not all potential market entrants. In essence leaving with us with a large warehouse to showcase Ireland to the world, which simply will not be capable of attracting the Regional i.e. European Level conferences needed to acheive the Tourism Ireland conference centre objectives

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