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Fair play to Treasury Holdings they have displayed a very strong resolve to see this through.

I am delighted that Kevin Roche will be able to do a building in Dublin and this one does his formidable talent real justice.

But back to the issue of the National Conference Centre how has this project only received clearance from the government now?

In 1997 the RDS was the winner of a competition

Also in 1997 Mary O’Rourke reversed the decision

The project is then awarded to Treasury in 1999

The project clears ABP in 2000

The project then has its status removed

A new competition is announced

This project is yet another typical example of essential infrastructural provision in this country. It is no wonder that Treasury are investing billions abroad in projects such as Battersea Power Station and their Chinese Island. I suspect that these investments are a direct result of the hassle it has become in Ireland to do anything cutting edge.

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