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Thanks for the response

The LA has issued a warning letter to the developer with regards the works that was carried out. I was not adverse to the construction of the boundary wall and told the developer this. I was however not consulted about the height intended, which is now 1.5 times that stated as being exempted developement. Futher more this wall is conventional block on the flat (6 inch) for approximately 6-8 rows and then cavity. It is being used to retain fill at a depth I estimate to be about 2 meters at the deepest point!

Now this wall raps around a corner, and it is at this point that the greatest amount of fill is located. The wall has cracked from top to bottom (even through the blocks on the flat), on the boundary between the developers property and mine, and also on the boundary between the developer and a road that is maintained by the LA. The original plans did indicate fill, however they indicated that this fill was going to be graded off over a 4 meter distance (set back from the boundary).

I had written to the council outlining my concerns originally, to which they issued the warning letter. Retention was applied for and FI was requested. This has lapsed mid the final quarter of last year with no submissions. When I objected to this retention, I also include a number of scale drawings illustrating the issues I had, i.e. scale of structure, sight lines into my living space, etc…

As you can see, an engineer will tell me that the wall serves a purpose that it is not design to serve. Do I go to the expense of getting an engineers report to back up what can be seen on an inspection :confused:

There is two issues that I have with the developement, this being only one. What I don’t really understand is the duration it is taking the LA to deal with the matter. As you can see it has been going on since 2005! Should I write to the county manager asking him to investige? At this stage I think I have wrote to the LA 3-5 times!

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