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Word from the MUBC is that it’s enormously labour-intensive, and the timetabling rather awkward if you intend on working. It’s got a good reputation however, and the numbers doing it have fallen substantially in the past couple of years, resulting in a much greater exposure to lecturers and tutors.

Trinity’s course probably offers better value for money, and certainly as a top-up for professionals it’s enormously popular. There’s very little in the way of practicals or site demonstration, something you’d probably get more of with the MUBC. The timetabling is extremely convenient.

Dublin Civic Trust’s courses are very practically-focused, generally utilising the best practitioners in their fields (and typically the same professionals who lecture in both of the above courses). Obviously it doesn’t have the sheen of a university accreditation, but an intense exposure to all of their courses would largely bring you up to the Trinity level for a third of the price.

So something of a juggling act as to what qualification may or may not benefit you.

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