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Well some restoration work is finally underway on the main 1844 facade of Connolly after many months of water pouring down from the roof above the right-hand colonnade, destroying the external ceiling beneath, rotting timbers in the roof structure and causing horrible green slime to proliferate all about the walls beneath and run down right out to the street walls. Scaffolding at last went up and work started a few weeks ago.
Still not sure though if this is just a problem fixing job or related to a wider restoration of the facade which is still needed.
Stephen C’s earlier comment about it – a building – needing to be weeded, just about sums up its condition.

Also quite major works are underway inside to update the terminal – how soon it’s being done I think an IE acknowledgement of just how poor the initial job was. All the silver structural supports have been painted white, and the cladding on the walls looks set to be dealt the same brush, as are the parts that were covered in that green 80s colour wash. It looks so much better already.
Large magnolia-coloured tiles are also going down on areas exposed to pedestrian trafic, notably ‘The Pit’ exit down to Amiens St, which incidently was cleaned it seems for the first time in 4 years recently. The difference a bit of maintainance alone makes is remarkable.
A bit of seating wouldn’t go amiss now, as well improvements in sanitary arrangments.

Here’s a pic of the facade outside with scaffolding. The recent extention of an outside area for the Oslo Bar above the left-hand colonnade is an unwelcome addition.
A spectacular floodlighting job could be done with this building, there are so many different elements to it that would look great lit up, esp the Italianate towers lit from within, as well as the areas above the balconies, and below, behind the columns.
You should be able to see that tower illuminated all the way from the Spike.

Not to be so negative all the time (IE just bring it out in most people :)) one good point is the shed platforms, which are always immaculately clean – although, that’s only noticable from the amount of times you fall flat on your face from slipping on them đŸ˜€
Oh I give up….

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