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It sounds like a good scheme which will do the whole area the power of good. It’s a natural extension to the regeneration of the Spencer Dock area to the south of the development and it is a great infill development. I’m looking at that area in Bird’s Eye view on Bing Maps and the proposal represents a significant densification of what currently exists. That is positive but I would prefer if they put another 6 stories on the buildings to provide real high density and the potential for some new landmarks in Dublin. However those sort of buildings are likely to attract objections based on height which have been the damnation of the city. Development like this will make the trip on the DART more visually interesting coming from Howth/Malahide. A void exists at the minute between the track and developments like the Convention Centre. Proceeding with this will bridge that gap.

If this plan, along with Grangegorman, the Tara Street Tower and the erstwhile new Anglo hq proceed in the next few years then we have the makings of a renaissance in the city after the total collapse of the last four years. We have to be getting to the stage where the bust in construction, especially commercial construction, is over-correcting and we need a new pipeline of modern, high-quality offices.

btw, does anyone know what’s planned for Pearse Station? I was walking down Westland Row on Tuesday and i saw loads of hoardings up around the entrance. Now that a second entrance is due to open (thanks to Trinity’s fabulous new Biosciences complex) have CIÉ decided to upgrade the whole station?

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