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I don’t think anyone is going to be bold enough to name specific companies for you. smaller companies will generally work you harder with less in the way of rewards, overtime, and so on. bigger companies might offer a dental plan or 9-5 regular hours.

remember thought that a badly-paid, over-worked job in a small practise allows you to “be a big fish in a small pond”, and get your hands on more design work, and open yourself up to better all-round experience and the possibility that some of your own designs will see the light of day. a bigger company (big pond, you’re the small fish), will be harder to work your way up through, and you might find yourself with agreeable hours and a nice pension plan, but with the prospect of being part of a window detailing team from monday to friday.

personally, i’d rather join an up and coming practise where i can make a mark than fall into rank in a huge company. depends on what you want for yourself, and where you’d like to be in 10 years.

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