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I really need to work on my sarcasm.

The sarcasm mark.

And many of the paintings in storage are very fine works. Even the ones that aren’t have huge historical value and interest. And there are plenty of other real works of art that could be exhibited in the Hospital instead of that modernist nonsense. The Archaeological museum is well known to be badly in need of space, with tonnes of stuff sitting uselessly in storage. Just look at the recently opened little exhibitions of roman artifiacts and the Cyprian pottery one – those artifacts had been lying in museum drawers for years. Another thing they could use the Hospital for is a decent National Portrait gallery- with all the hundreds of fascinating portraits from the last 4 centuries rarely seen by the public. The Ormonde picture collection could also be housed here, since Kilkenny Castle just won’t let people see the paintings. And so on.

Why stop at Dublin? They could send out paintings to other Cities like the Guggenheims round the world.

NGI Cork
NGI Limerick
NGI Galway

I visited about a year ago, and, shocked at finding the Hospital Chapel closed to visitors, asked the guy at reception if I could visit the chapel. He seemed bemused, wondering why on Earth I wanted to see the chapel! Then I learn, to visit it, you must go on a tour , arranged by the OPW, and he gave me someone’s phone number!

I’ve encountered the same problem, even though I was with a group of architects who clearly wanted to see the Chapel and who would have been greatly privleged to see the cuilding. Honestly, how hard can it be to open the place every morning and close it again in the evening?

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