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@Rory W wrote:

Staying off topic for a mo – At one stage The Royal Hospital was considered as a site for UCD.

However Michael Tierney amongst others decided that Belfield was the best place for a ‘Catholic Arc of influence’ – St Vincent’s Hopital, UCD Belfield and Milltown to counteract the Protestant sphere of influence in the city centre. So the days of UCD staying in the city were numbered anyway.

When was that, Rory? I knew that the RHK had been mooted as a site for the Dail, but I’ve never heard about it as a potential site for UCD.

In my first post above, I was referring to the possibility of the Dail moving to RHK and UCD staying in the city centre, with Leinster House becoming the home of the NUI and UCD staying in its various buildings around the city, with a possible greater concentration of college activity around Earlsfort Terrace. As noted by Frank McDonald in The Destruction of Dublin, a group called Tuairim produced a pamphlet in the early 1960s arguing for the retention of UCD in the city for the good of the city- had UCD stayed in the Terrace, there would have been an ‘academic axis’ stretching from TCD to UCD via the NLI, NGI, NUI and other museums / institutions.

You’re certainly right about the Tierney fear of ‘The Protestants’, but UCD in RHK? Any leads greatly appreciated.

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