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I wonder what we are looking into that taking such a long time, can we not just drive past, or are we just blind or otherwise impaired?

Ad re. nothing happening here is a term that might be mentioned: NON-FEASANCE

and this explains how to move forward:

Its all down to the “great one” that cannot be criticized under any circumstances, the “mighty one” that was on the 11- 12, and one o clock news today telling us that his executive functions are his business and nobody else’s, this view backed by our Labour Lord Mayor who said “its out of councilors hands”.
The same mighty one is as I post about to get to his feet to tell us, (some viewers better shut their eyes now) that he got it all wrong and is backtracking on what was written in stone a few short hours ago.
Amazing what can be done when Councillors put their mind to things??

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