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I pass this junction regularly on my way to work and I cannot believe how they are getting away with this. If they somehow got permission or get retention, it still beggers belief. The new structures have been built right out almost to the edge of the street, leaving a tiny strip of footpath. This is one of the busiest junctions in the area, and in morning and evening rush hours it is full of vehicular and pedestrian traffic going in all directions. If anything they should have been forced to move the boundary back from the street, not bring it closer. Now there won’t even be room for 2 people to pass on the footpath without stepping out into the traffic.

As clichéd as this sounds, it won’t be long before there’s an accident there and a pedestrian is knocked down.

While I was in the area I took a snap or two of the library extension:

😎 In response to complaints from Cllr. Clancy, Cork City Manager Joe Gavin has issued enforcement notice under Section 153 of the Planning & development Act 2000 on Ann Clifford in relation to Clifford’s Shop, 1 & 2 Wesbourne, Collage Road.:) 🙂

Mark Kelleher’s 3G group is out of faviour with city fathers at the moment; following refusal on his proposal for the former Esso garage in Bishopstown he is to receive a Warning Letter under Section 152 P&D Act in relation to his Courtyard Development on Hawks Road.

Also on the receiving end of the Managers displeasure in relation to planning are Joe Carey and Frank Sheehan in relation to 11B, 12 & 13 Watercourse Road. An Enforcement Notice will be landing in their letterbox by Friday 19th Jan.

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