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There is one improvement i think we could all agree on. Close Suffulk street, make grafton street two way. You would need to move the loading bay facilities in front of spar round the corner onto suffolk street, but that is not too hard.

Would this solve anything. It would be great to have a traffic free Suffolk St (and this would conform with Frank’s ideas about successful predestrian spaces – which I would agree with) however most people use the crossing to Grafton Street because it is the natural north7south desire line for pedestrains. Reducing space for predestrains further in Grafton Street and sending them roundabouts to St Andrew’s/Suffolk St would not solve the problem. It would however open some samshing possibilities for the area around St Andrew’s Church.

The elephant in the room here is Dublin Bus. The whole development of traffic patterns in the city centre is governed by the fact that Dublin Bus have to use this north/south route. The WSC just weren’t wide enough…. Removing car traffic and slowing buses while creating a semi-pedestrian enviroment might be the best solution. It works in many places on the continent, although the buses are smaller and less threatening.

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